Fabric Flower Tutorial

I am always so impressed with the variety of ways that individuals use fabric flowers. Whether alone, as a hair piece, embedded in a handbag or to dress up an old shirt, fabric flowers are the perfect way to add that something special to your crafts and wardrobe!
These particular flowers add fabulous dimension and can be made out of practically any type of fabric - so get out your scraps and make something truly unique :)

1. Cut a square piece of fabric. I used a 3 x 3 inch piece.

2. Fold the square in half on the diagonal.

3. Fold one corner to meet the opposite diagonal corner.

4. Fold the adjacent corner to the same diagonal corner.

5. Turn the square over to the other side while keeping the folder corners in place.

6. Fold one corner to the center of the square.

7. Fold the opposite corner to the center of the square.

8. Fold the fabric so the straight sides are on top of one another.

9. This is what the fabric will look like from the top.

10. Sew the fabric together at the loose ends and cut the remaining fabric below the stitch line.

11. On the front pull the sides apart to expand the petal.

12. Arrange your completed petals on a piece of felt to form a flower. Use fabric glue to keep the petals in place on the felt. Finish with a button, fabric roll, or other decoration for the center.

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