Bringing the Outdoors In

There’s an innate need in all of us to be connected in some way to the natural environment. Even with the comfiest of couches those white concrete walls and inanimate decorations just don’t seem to make us feel cozy and relaxed. Heck, looking outside my window I’m surrounded by wonderful blue skies, sunshine, beach and foliage here in gorgeous Southern California, but without some of those elements inside I feel like I’m stuck inside a box.
I know how lucky I am to live here and I remember the drab winter months lingering back in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. Just having a little house plant to attend to reminded me of the times of year when things grow and the aroma of soil could get me out of that winter rut. It’s amazing how a little bit of earthy elements can completely transform our homes into a comfortable space that actually makes us feel more human. There’s so many options available to incorporate a little inspiration from nature into our homes. I found a bunch of handmade items on Etsy to fit the bill!

Of course choosing certain “earthy” colors like blues, greens, and browns is a very easy way to have some natural inspiration.
Wavelength ii Abstract art by Jon Allen of Statements 2000
Handwoven rug by Gunas Palate

Or, changing the colors we choose to decorate our homes with to fit the color scheme of nature during that season.
Autumn leaves placemats by Such Pretty Colors
Snowflake Coaster by Raine Style Home
Napkin rings in spring colors by Bragging Bags
Watermelon wall hanging summer decoration by Crafts a la Carte

Going a step further, representations of leaves, florals, and animal-themes remind us of the beauty of nature.
Orange leaves with off white pillow cover by Point de Amour
Safari paper flowers bouquet by Flower Thyme
3 Round Circle vinyl wall decal trees by iWalls
Birds on a tree branch duvet cover and 2 pillow cases by Custom Bedding
Fern tea towel by Linea Carta

Interior plants and gardens allow us to literally have a bit of natural life in our homes. The variety in shapes and sizes is immense, ranging from the smallest potted house plant to full indoor atriums.
Royal Collection Terrarium by Doodle Bird Imaginariums
Wheatgrass soil-less kit by Plantology
Air plant globes by Sea and Asters
Green Wall Garden by Ginkgo Studio
Kitchen herb garden by Wall Flower Studio
How awesome is this herb garden GoGoGardens?! It has the planted garden incorporated into this fully functional and stunning piece of furniture.

If you're bold enough to go for an indoor garden as elaborate as this, power to you!
If the full indoor garden isn't for you but you'd like to have some earthy elements try a potted plant or two. Simply adding a few plants will enhance your living space with texture, color, and fresh odors and oxygen. Here's a few examples of tasteful ways to do so:

How do you incorporate plants into your living space? How does it make you feel to do so?


  1. I LOVE that plant chandelier! What an awesome idea! I have always liked those little air plant globes, but I'm afraid my cat will kill himself trying to reach one to 'taste' a branch.

    One of the ways I make myself feel more like spring is by accessorizing/dressing in more spring colors. I pull out the summer box of clothes, and pull out the ones that still fit, and they instantly make me feel better. Something about those aqua blues and spring greens that do it for me every time!



  2. Wow, you made some great finds! I love your taste.

    Thank you so much for including my GreenWall DIY kit and keep up the great work with your blog!

  3. That is quite a list - some really beautiful things here. All of those rooms look fantastic. :) Thank you for including my placemats!

  4. I love that wall garden and the plant chandelier! Great picks!! xo

  5. Tara, you're so right! Changing our clothing and accessories is just as effective in changing our mood as altering our home decor :)