Toddler Dress Tutorial -Butterick 3782

Since many of my friends are having babies lately I thought it might be a good excuse to try out making baby clothes. Let's face it, little girls have the cutest attire! I found an adorable and simple dress pattern by Butterick. Having never made baby clothes before I was very excited to find this great "beginner" pattern. 

In addition to the main fabric, the pattern requires an invisible zipper and single-fold bias tape. It's not stated in the pattern but I chose to line the main fabric with a white cotton fabric. I also found some dainty pink buttons to add to the top of the dress.

Iron your fabrics, lay out the pattern pieces and cut your fabrics.

If you opt to have lining, baste the lining to all the main fabric pieces.

Mark the meeting points on your fabric. Line up the markings with right sides together. Stitch the back top and back skirt pieces together. Do this for both top and skirt back sets.

To add the invisible zipper, line up the two back pieces with right sides together matching seams. Baste a 1" inseam along the back of the dress.

Fold back the fabric along the seam and line one side of the zipper up along the free edge of the basted seam. Be sure to place the right side of the zipper on the right side of the fabric.

Using a zipper foot, stitch one side of the zipper to the dress. Open the zipper and repeat for the second side. Place a final stitch along the bottom of the zipper.

Back of the dress with invisible zipper completed.
This darling dress is outfitted with two sets of pleats on the front. To make the pleats, first place the pleat markings on your fabric using the pattern.

Next, fold the fabric from one of the markings to the center and pin.

Repeat for the other 3 pleat markings.

Baste the fabric along the pleats so they will stay. With right sides together, match up the front top of the dress with the front skirt of the dress. Stitch the fabrics together.

 Stitch the front of the dress to the back of the dress at the shoulders. Open one folded side of the single-fold bias tape. Place the bias tape along the neck and both arm hole openings. Place the longer portion on the front of the fabric and the shorter portion to the interior of the dress and pin in place. Stitch on the outside of the dress.

Stitch the front of the dress to the back of the dress along the sides.

Create a hem along the bottom of the dress's skirt.

Add embellishments as you see fit. I added 6 buttons at the top and a hand-sewn flower where the top and skirt meet.

This pattern was fantastic for a beginner like myself. The dress style was simple enough that I had room to add my own little finishing touches. I also love this delicate floral fabric! It's darling and Mom will love that it's easy to wash :)

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