My Handbag was Featured on Etsy!!

When I woke up this morning, I received a convo from an Etsy user who informed me that they showcased one of my handbags in their treasury! (For any non- or new- Etsy users, a treasury is a compilation of a variety of items on Etsy that other users showcase for different themes or because they just plain like them.) This was a huge piece of wonderful news for me! My handbag had been listed for less than 12 hours when it was chosen for the treasury. This treasury was focusing on turquoise and green colors from items made by new sellers on Etsy. I thought this was a fantastic theme for a treasury - all of the sellers who were featured really appreciated the publicity. No takers on the handbag thus far, but it's definitely gotten a lot of views! I've also had other Etsy users "heart", or like, several of my items and my entire store :) I'm enjoying the positive feedback and having an outlet for my sewing hobby.

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