"as plain as black and white" Team Discovery Treasury

I created a new treasury for Team Discovery titled "as plain as black and white"

The item selection was centered around black and white colors, new shops with less than 20 sales, and items from other members of Team Discovery. Using the "Pounce" selection on Etsy is a great way to find fantastic items from new Etsy members. I'm always so impressed by the items from newbies! Pounce also offers an option to view items that have just recently sold. I use this selection frequently to try and gauge what people are purchasing, color trends of items, etc.

Treasuries also offer a fun and unique way to search for items on Etsy.  There are endless combinations and themes that people use to create treasuries. It's really fun just to peruse and see what types of items end up together. Happy treasure hunting!


  1. hi there team mate i found you link in the team discovery meet and greet! i am now following -danielle

  2. Hi Andrea! Thanks for checking out my blog- I am following you back!