Coordinating Fabrics for Dahlia Bedding Set

Is this lavender nursery bedding set not perfection?!
The Peanut Shell Dahlia Bedding Set

I'm on the hunt for fabrics in a similar color scheme as the bedding set to make personalized burp cloths with.

Okay, so the first collection is a mix of floral and geometric prints from several designers:
Fabric 1

Fabric 2 

Fabric 3

Fabric 4

Fabric 5

Fabric 6

Fabric 7

Fabric 8

Fabric 9

Fabric 10

Fabric 12

Fabric 13

Fabric 14

Fabric 15
This is pink, not purple, but may be a nice compliment depending on the other fabrics it is paired with

Joel Dewberry Aviary 2
Bloom Lilac

Sparrow Plum
Lattice Lilac
  The third collection is Brambleberry Ridge
Metallic Opal

Metallic Quartz

Rosemilk Metallic Opal

Shimmer Reflection Lilac

Trading Post Quartz

Last but not least, Color Story Wisteria

Lulu Stripe

Mini Pearl Bracelet

Ozborne Wisteria

These adorable little numbers are also available:

Lattice and Lace
Delicate Floral and Polka Dot