Bridal Party Clutches

Bridesmaids Clutches

The dresses are gorgeous and oh so elegant! I found dupioni silk fabric that will fit into the budget of $30/clutch. It is a truly rich fabric and will compliment the upscale style of the dresses. It also comes in a variety of colors so it gives us some creative freedom :)

So, first we need to decide on a clutch style. Do you prefer a kisslock or open channel frame?
open channel

Option 1
After seeing the bridesmaids dress the first idea that came to me was having a solid color clutch - with or without pleats - that has handmade chiffon flowers similar to the ones on the dresses. The clutches could be navy, hydrangea green or silver silk with any combination of flower color (navy outside with navy flowers, silver outside with navy flowers, etc). 
chiffon flower
clutch with flowers - would be same style flowers as on bridesmaids dress

This floral style would look nice either with a plain fabric overlay or pleats to match those in the bridesmaids dresses (and your dress!) 
plain fabric overlay
pleated exterior

 I also thought it might be fun to have a "pop" of color for the interior fabric. For example, if the outside fabric and flower detail are navy maybe having hydrangea green on the inside. 
pop of color

Option 2
Bling, bling! I could add cascading beading to the exterior. This would look particularly nice if you do prefer the pleated style clutch. If you're looking to have the bridal and bridesmaids clutches coordinate somewhat this might also be a nice choice.
cascading beading
 The colors again would be totally customizable. Navy fabric and silver beads, silver fabric and navy and silver beads, etc. 

Bridal Clutch

First. Your dress is stunning!! Definitely going to have to step it up with the clutch to keep in line with your dress :)

I really liked this style. The bow is just lovely. It inherently has a subtle pleating to it and the brooch in the center gives it a truly elegant look. If the bridesmaids clutches have any type of beading in them, this bridal clutch would look coherent with them without being matchy matchy.

Option 2
In going with Option 2 of the bridesmaids clutches and the beautiful detail of your belt, I could add rhinestones and beading all along the top of your clutch. Again, this can be done on either a plain fabric overlay or a pleated exterior. The example below isn't the best, but it's the closest I could find and hopefully gives you some idea of what I'm meaning. 
clutch with beading

Option 3
This clutch is a modern play on the pleated and beading detail of your dress.
ruffle and beading detail
Option 4
pleats and flowers with rhinestones

Please let me know what you think of these choices and if you like the style of a kisslock or open channel purse frame. Of course, if none of the bridal or bridesmaids clutches are what you were hoping for please just let me know. There are certainly different styles we can look at and it's important to me that you have something you love :)