Bridal Party Clutches

Bridesmaids Clutches

The dresses are gorgeous and oh so elegant! I found dupioni silk fabric that will fit into the budget of $30/clutch. It is a truly rich fabric and will compliment the upscale style of the dresses. It also comes in a variety of colors so it gives us some creative freedom :)

So, first we need to decide on a clutch style. Do you prefer a kisslock or open channel frame?
open channel

Option 1
After seeing the bridesmaids dress the first idea that came to me was having a solid color clutch - with or without pleats - that has handmade chiffon flowers similar to the ones on the dresses. The clutches could be navy, hydrangea green or silver silk with any combination of flower color (navy outside with navy flowers, silver outside with navy flowers, etc). 
chiffon flower
clutch with flowers - would be same style flowers as on bridesmaids dress

This floral style would look nice either with a plain fabric overlay or pleats to match those in the bridesmaids dresses (and your dress!) 
plain fabric overlay
pleated exterior

 I also thought it might be fun to have a "pop" of color for the interior fabric. For example, if the outside fabric and flower detail are navy maybe having hydrangea green on the inside. 
pop of color

Option 2
Bling, bling! I could add cascading beading to the exterior. This would look particularly nice if you do prefer the pleated style clutch. If you're looking to have the bridal and bridesmaids clutches coordinate somewhat this might also be a nice choice.
cascading beading
 The colors again would be totally customizable. Navy fabric and silver beads, silver fabric and navy and silver beads, etc. 

Bridal Clutch

First. Your dress is stunning!! Definitely going to have to step it up with the clutch to keep in line with your dress :)

I really liked this style. The bow is just lovely. It inherently has a subtle pleating to it and the brooch in the center gives it a truly elegant look. If the bridesmaids clutches have any type of beading in them, this bridal clutch would look coherent with them without being matchy matchy.

Option 2
In going with Option 2 of the bridesmaids clutches and the beautiful detail of your belt, I could add rhinestones and beading all along the top of your clutch. Again, this can be done on either a plain fabric overlay or a pleated exterior. The example below isn't the best, but it's the closest I could find and hopefully gives you some idea of what I'm meaning. 
clutch with beading

Option 3
This clutch is a modern play on the pleated and beading detail of your dress.
ruffle and beading detail
Option 4
pleats and flowers with rhinestones

Please let me know what you think of these choices and if you like the style of a kisslock or open channel purse frame. Of course, if none of the bridal or bridesmaids clutches are what you were hoping for please just let me know. There are certainly different styles we can look at and it's important to me that you have something you love :)

Weekly Favorites - August 30th

Here are a few things that make me happy this week :)

Gorgeous Wire Wrapped Earrings from Bela Vita Sole

Adorable Personalized Hanger from Einspanner

Shabby Chic White Night Tables from Painted Cottages

Ceramic Rice Bowls from Shars Art Pottery

Silk Shawl

I was recently asked to make shawls for an upcoming autumn wedding. The bride wanted shawls in two-toned style: an underside in a lovely eggplant color and the outward side in a formal black satin for her bridesmaids and a white and eggplant shawl for herself. Shawls are such a useful item to have and this project is relatively easy to complete. Between measuring, cutting, and construction, it takes about 1 hr to make each shawl.

As always, press your fabric first.

Using a cutting mat and straight edge, cut the fabric to your desired measurements. I cut mine to be 20" wide x 75" long.
You will end up with 2 long strips of fabrics - one for the front and one for the back.
With right sides together, pin the front to the back along the longest sides.
 Sew the 2 pieces together along the longest sides. Since these seems will not be seen it is unnecessary to have a perfectly matching thread but be sure to use a coordinating color regardless. I used a black thread and bobbin.
 I prefer to keep a pin cushion close by when I'm sewing long pieces of fabric like these. Often, it's  difficult to pin the fabric tight enough when pieces are very lengthy and the fabric will start to fold over on itself.
 Here you can see that the top black fabric was beginning to fold over on itself. Simply remove the pin and pull the fabric above and below the presser foot until it is smooth ensuring  fabric edges are aligned. Continue sewing.
 After the two long edges are sewn, pin one shorter side and sew along the edge.
 Turn the fabric right side out through the remaining unsewn side.
 Using a straight edge as a guide, fold over and pin the back piece of fabric.
 Matching the back piece of fabric, fold over the front piece of fabric again matching wrong sides together. This creates a even hem and only the right sides of the front and back fabric should be showing.
Since the fabric that I'll be sewing right side up is the purple fabric, I've kept my black bobbin but traded out the black thread for purple thread. This will ensure that the bottom black fabric will have matching black thread and the purple fabric will have matching purple thread since these stitches will definitely be seen.
 Beginning with the recently pinned folded over edges, sew the top purple fabric to the back black fabric.
 Continue the top stitch on both shorter sides and one longer side of the shawl. The longer side without the top stitch will be the top of the shawl. This will create a beautiful finished look on the 3 edges and a lovely draping effect on the top of the shawl.
 The finished product is the perfect accessory for any formal affair.

Elegant Silk Snap Clutches

I love making things for my friends' and family's special events. Well, someone very special is going to be getting married in a few months and I was so excited to help with the clutches for her and her bridesmaids. There are 8 clutches total; 7 bridesmaids and 1 bridal clutch (only 4 pictured below). The most challenging part was not getting the glue on the fabric!

The bridesmaids clutches are made from a wine colored silk fabric and luxurious duponi silk was used for the bridal clutch. For a cohesive look the interior of the bridal clutch is lined with complimentary fabric to that used for the bridesmaids clutches and all clutches have an elegant hand sewn flower with glass beading on the exterior. The bride's flower has significantly more beading in the center to make it really stand out.
The diamond pattern on the fabric adds a unique texture and elegance to the bridesmaids' clutches. When constructing the clutches I was careful to ensure that the pattern direction was identical for all of the clutches. 

This was my first time making this style of clutch and despite never having worked with the metal snap clutch frames before it was surprisingly fun. I look forward to improving my skills with this style clutch in the future and I hope these clutches add a special touch the big day!

Weekly Favorites - June 14

Here's a few things that make me happy this week!

Handsome Collar Stays by The Hummingbird Nest:

3D Glass Suncatcher by L.A. Glass:

ALLY Pencil Runway Dress by Heart My Closet:

Robot Love Blank Card by Paramour Designs:

Organic Cloth Napkin with Pocket by Down Home Amy:

Toddler Dress Tutorial -Butterick 3782

Since many of my friends are having babies lately I thought it might be a good excuse to try out making baby clothes. Let's face it, little girls have the cutest attire! I found an adorable and simple dress pattern by Butterick. Having never made baby clothes before I was very excited to find this great "beginner" pattern. 

In addition to the main fabric, the pattern requires an invisible zipper and single-fold bias tape. It's not stated in the pattern but I chose to line the main fabric with a white cotton fabric. I also found some dainty pink buttons to add to the top of the dress.

Iron your fabrics, lay out the pattern pieces and cut your fabrics.

If you opt to have lining, baste the lining to all the main fabric pieces.

Mark the meeting points on your fabric. Line up the markings with right sides together. Stitch the back top and back skirt pieces together. Do this for both top and skirt back sets.

To add the invisible zipper, line up the two back pieces with right sides together matching seams. Baste a 1" inseam along the back of the dress.

Fold back the fabric along the seam and line one side of the zipper up along the free edge of the basted seam. Be sure to place the right side of the zipper on the right side of the fabric.

Using a zipper foot, stitch one side of the zipper to the dress. Open the zipper and repeat for the second side. Place a final stitch along the bottom of the zipper.

Back of the dress with invisible zipper completed.
This darling dress is outfitted with two sets of pleats on the front. To make the pleats, first place the pleat markings on your fabric using the pattern.

Next, fold the fabric from one of the markings to the center and pin.

Repeat for the other 3 pleat markings.

Baste the fabric along the pleats so they will stay. With right sides together, match up the front top of the dress with the front skirt of the dress. Stitch the fabrics together.

 Stitch the front of the dress to the back of the dress at the shoulders. Open one folded side of the single-fold bias tape. Place the bias tape along the neck and both arm hole openings. Place the longer portion on the front of the fabric and the shorter portion to the interior of the dress and pin in place. Stitch on the outside of the dress.

Stitch the front of the dress to the back of the dress along the sides.

Create a hem along the bottom of the dress's skirt.

Add embellishments as you see fit. I added 6 buttons at the top and a hand-sewn flower where the top and skirt meet.

This pattern was fantastic for a beginner like myself. The dress style was simple enough that I had room to add my own little finishing touches. I also love this delicate floral fabric! It's darling and Mom will love that it's easy to wash :)