Mutliple Hoop Embroidery

Here's a sneak peek at my first embroidery project using a multiple hoop design:

I certainly need more practice but it's been a fun experience and I think the design has turned out really well so far!

DIY Wedding Card Box Tutorial

How gorgeous is the wedding card box?! But, at $115 (plus $25 shipping) I knew it was a great opportunity for a little wedding DIY! 
Card Box by The Wedding Main Street

Here's how mine turned out (more photos at the end of this post):

Now for the instructions!

These card boxes are basically just fabric covered nesting boxes with some accessories on the outside. I purchased a set of nesting boxes from for about $25 and two yards of amazing silk dupioni fabric from a store in Los Angeles' fashion district for $30 on sale. I also found some rhinestone yardage in the fashion district and purchased enough to wrap around the exterior of the boxes.

First, I cut a large hole in the lids of the bottom two boxes, leaving about 2 inches to the edge. Then, I cut a thin slit approximately 2 inches wide and 6 inches long on the lid of the smallest box.  This way, when a guest would drop a card in the box the card would fall through the holes in the lids down to the bottom box. 

Next, I covered the boxes in the fabric. This step takes some extra care because it's important that the fabric adheres flat to the boxes but it's very much the same as simply wrapping a gift. First, cut your fabric to cover the bottom, sides, and about 3 inches into the inside of the bottoms of each of the 3 boxes. 

Spray the cut fabric with fabric glue. I used Elmer's Craft Bond.

Wait a few minutes so that the glue is tacky and not runny and wet then start "wrapping" the bottom of the boxes with fabric. Be sure to smooth the fabric as you go so there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. The middle and top box have holes in the bottom of the boxes. Place the bottoms of the box right side facing up so you are looking down into the interior of the box. Using an exacto knife, cut the fabric over the hole in the box.

The lids follow a similar process.

Cut the fabric to cover the entire top and sides of the lids and allow for extra fabric to be tucked to the inside of the lids. Lightly spray the fabric with fabric glue. Ignore the fact that the holes and slit exist in the tops of the lids and cover the entire top and sides of the lids. Once they have dried, flip the lid so that the bottom is facing up and you can view the slit from underneath. Use an exacto knife to cut the fabric covering the slit leaving approximately an extra inch of fabric. 

Flip the lid over so that the top is facing up. Push the excess fabric covering the slit to the underside of the lid. Using fabric glue, glue the excess fabric over the slit to the underside of the lid.

Place the largest lid on the largest box. Place the middle box bottom on top of that. Using binder clips, through the hole of the bottom box clip the bottom of the middle box to the hole in the top of the bottom box. Do the same to hold the middle and top boxes together.

Once the boxes are stacked together, accessorize the boxes any way you like. I made some fabric flowers for the bottom and placed rhinestones and our names on the middle and top boxes. Another bonus? The boxes can come apart and placed inside one another for easy transport :)

Here's some more photos of the finished wedding card box: