Lily and Will Diaper Bag - Simplicity Pattern 2924

One of my childhood friends is going to be a mommy of a little girl!! I am so happy for her :) I wanted to make her a baby item that would be reflective of her impeccable taste and also incorporate a delicate and feminine baby theme. Fabric shopping for nursery prints has been tough lately! Don't get me wrong, there's lots of great stuff out there, but it seems like it's a lot of the same stuff - overly commercialized and predictable. So, I was ecstatic when I came across the most darling fabric by Moda: Lily and Will by Bunny Hill.
Lily and Willy by Bunny Hill for Moda Fabrics
 The designs come in blue, green and pink. The fabric is an updated twist on a very classic design. Simply precious.
Added bonus: the damask patterns have tiny bunnies hiding in it!

When I saw this fabric I immediately knew I wanted to make a diaper bag out of it to show off all its precious aspects. I used Simplicity pattern 2924 because it provides tons of pockets (an essential feature for any mom) and an easy flap closure. I also thought this style would be advantageous for showcasing the specific aspects of the different fabrics in the collection.
First, I pressed all the fabric. One cannot underestimate the importance of pressing your fabric before you begin cutting the fabric and throughout the construction process. By doing this you will create a neat and professional looking item.
I organized all the fabric to get a better idea of which designs I wanted to use for each aspect of the bag, i.e., straps, flap, exterior, interior, etc.
Then, I cut each pattern piece with the necessary fabrics and interfacing. Placing the transparent pattern over each fabric prior to cutting allowed me to ensure even pattern placement. I did not want the pattern to be off-centered. I was especially meticulous when cutting the flap piece as I wanted the large bunny pattern to be perfectly centered on the front of the bag. 

Exterior front and back pocket fabric
With the front flap fabric, I first measured the height and width of the flap piece itself.
 Then, I measured the height and width of the design I was attempting to center on the front of the flap. I subtracted the design's measurements from the overall dimensions of the flap and divided that number by two (because there are two sides).
 I placed the transparent pattern over the fabric at a distance of the number found above for the length and width of the flap. This resulted in a perfectly centered pattern on the front flap.
Once all the pieces were cut, I organized them for easy access to begin sewing them together. This also helped to assure that I had cut the proper amounts and had sufficient fabric to complete the diaper bag.
I followed the instructions for constructing the bag according to the Simplicity pattern 2924 and this is the result:
Simplicity Pattern 2924 Diaper Bag using Lily and Will by Bunny Hill fabrics

Diaper Bag Exterior

Side pocket with elastic at the rim - securely holds items in place!

Exterior of bag with back pocket

Interior with pockets. These pockets also have elastic at the rim to securely hold items in place.
 This bag is uber feminine and so so so darling! I really liked  using this pattern as well because it's easy to change the style of the bag and still keep the wonderful features like alllll those pockets! I can't wait to make more of these beauties :)

Gender Neutral Baby Blanket

I found out a few months ago that my cousins are having a baby!! So exciting! Upon hearing the news one of the first things I did was wonder what new Baby will be like when he or she arrives... and whether Baby will be a he or a she. Understandably, not all parents-to-be want to determine their baby's gender before Baby arrives and there is definitely a level of excitement in waiting for that news :)
The next thing  I did was brainstorm several gift ideas that I could make the wonderful parents-to-be for their little bundle of joy and decided I'd like to make a baby blanket. However, I found it a bit challenging to find nursery prints that were gender neutral. I was overwhelmed by PINK and BLUE in the baby aisles of fabric stores. They were also littered with the typical locomotives, airplanes and boats for boys and butterflies and flowers for girls. Don't get me wrong, these fabrics were down right cute, but only appropriate when the gender of Baby is known.

Organic Redy Set Go by Anne Kelle
The main yellow and green nursery fabrics were rather unimpressive designs of plaids, stripes and polka dots. Disappointingly, the softest type of fabric I could find with these neutral colors was flannel. I was really wanting to find a super soft chenille.
Green Plaid Fabric
Yellow Heart Fabric
The next thing I thought of was using black and white fabrics with a burst of color like red or orange. I think that would be great for a diaper bag or something that the parents would mostly carry, but I wanted something "baby" for Baby.
I came upon this incredibly soft fabric in a baby animal print. It's adorable! I think baby animals are a rather safe theme for gender neutral baby items. I incorporated a pale yellow border to add to the neutrality of the blanket. I love the yellows and greens of the fabric and the baby animals  on it are so darn cute!

This was the first baby blanket I've ever made and I had so much fun doing it. There's something incredibly special about creating gifts for those you care about. I hope Baby spends lots of time cuddling with and playing on this blanket!

Kate Spain - Central Park

Although I'm relatively new to the world of quilting fabrics and designers, I am in LOVE with Kate Spain's designs. I have incorporated her Fandango fabrics into many of my creations and those items have been among the most popular in my shop.
Kate Spain's Fandango Collection
Jewelry roll in Kate Spain's Fandango Azure

Jewelry roll interior

Pleated clutch in Kate Spain's Fandango in Floral Cream
Pleated clutch exterior back

I recently came across Kate Spain's newest collection, Central Park. It is heaven! The patterns and colors are to die for. I also adore the fact that the playful patterns and colors are appropriate for any age. I think these fabrics would make wonderful items for babies, teenagers, and adults of all ages.

Plaza Bundle

Metro Bundle


Floral Seneca Pink

North Meadow Ivory

North Meadow Reservoir

Zoo Lawn Ivory

Trefoil Reservoir

Linden Trees Plaza
I can't wait to get to work on new gifts using these fabrics :)