Vintage Tag Escort Cards

 There are so many beautiful and creative escort card options out there! It was hard to choose but I found I was drawn to more vintage designs. My ultimate escort card inspiration was a vintage tag style from Mother and Daughter creations. 

I purchased Avery tags from Staples. Using their downloadable format, I printed all the escort cards on my home computer. The finishing touch was a color-coordinated ribbon to indicate each guest's entree selection.
copyright Resolusean photography

In keeping with our Spanish garden theme, I thought it might be a good idea to have our escort cards displayed on a bed of moss.  

To prevent the escort cards from blowing away decorative pins with crystals heads were placed in the hole of each card. Guests simply replaced the pins in the moss bed once they removed their card. 

Organic Fabrics

I'm so obsessed with organic fabrics lately. Particularly over the past year there's been so many great collections and many that are absolutely perfect for baby gifts and nursery items. The prints tend to be modern with chevrons and geometric prints or vintage-themed with tiny animals and flowers.

You can check out the organic fabrics currently offered in my shop here: as well as browse the full collections from Birch, Cloud 9, Daisy Janie, and Anne Kelle below. I'm hoping to have a nice variety of diaper bags and burp cloths available soon!

Birch Storyboek
Birch Mod Basics

Cloud 9 Simpatico

Daisy Janie Tilly

Anne Kelle Ready, Set, Go!

Personalized burp cloths now available!

Weekly Favorites - August 13th

Things that make me happy this week!

Nerd Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts:

Terracotta Wind Chime by Jag Din:

Pretty Little Things by Dena Desings - half yard set from Sew Love Fabrics:

Dog Giclee Print by Picture A Tale:

New Look!

We all know the saying don't judge a book by its cover, right? Well, I'm hoping that my new packaging - courtesy of Peter Beckley - will be a great first impression when my lovely products arrive to customers homes! Peter helped design a wonderful new look for my shop and packaging labels to commemorate Andrea Lynn Handmade being open on Etsy for 2 years.

Pretty nice, huh?! :)

Embroidered Cosmetic Bag Set

I'm still getting the hang of my embroidery machine and am so excited about all the possible projects to make with it. One of the toughest things has been choosing the best thread color for fabrics - especially prints because they tend to have both lighter and darker colors. I wanted to embroider my friend's name in a coordinating color but still wanted it to stand out. To be on the safe side I bought several different yellow threads and tried them all to see which one looked best. While the result was still subtle I think these turned out pretty cute! The cosmetic bag set ended up being the perfect gift for my friend. Can't wait to embroider more items!

Weekly Favorites - August 6th

Things that make me happy this week!

Glitter and Sparkle hand painted letters by A Charmed Life:

Good Morning hand painted mug by La Bella Rae:

Vintage Women's Blazer from Hootz:

Reclaimed Wood Candle Holder by travisyutzy:

Elegant Bridal Clutch

One of my favorite handmade items from my wedding was my bridal clutch. I knew I wanted an elegant style that complimented the details of my dress. My dress was rather simple save for the ruffle cascade in the back and the beaded sash so I used those attributes for the overall look of the clutch.
Copyright Resolusean Photography
I opted for a white dupioni silk for both the interior and exterior. Using strips of the silk fabric, I created a ruffle detailing along the right side of the handbag that incorporated the ruffles along the back of my dress.

Fortunately I had a beautiful brooch that I pinned along the ruffles. The brooch complimented the white gold and diamonds of my bridal jewelry but also brought in the gold tones from our wedding theme. 

I love the way the clutch turned out and feel that it truly was the perfect accessory for my wedding gown.

Support for Sully 2012

Sully has a seizure disorder that is difficult to treat. He's undergone several very intense surgeries and requires therapy sessions, hospital stays and costly medications. His family hosts a Spaghetti Dinner benefit yearly to try and offset some of the financial burdens and get Sully the care he needs. A silent auction is held during the dinner and since we can't attend the benefit I'm happy to contribute a few handmade items to the auction.

Additionally, proceeds from any purchases in my Etsy shop on August 26th will go to Sully's benefit so mark your calendars :)

For more information or to make a donation please visit

New Autumn 2012 Jewelry Rolls

I'm so excited to share these gorgeous jewelry rolls with rich, colorful fabrics for autumn! Check them out in my Etsy shop :)

What a difference fabric makes!

We found the perfect bench to place on the patio. I love the classic look of the wooden bench and it was just the right size for the space but it was a bit plain and rather uncomfortable to sit on after a while.
The Sunbrella fabric line has durable outdoor fabrics with a huge selection of colors and patterns. I made a long bench cushion and lots of plush pillows. Now our bench looks inviting and is incredibly cozy!