Personal Touches

One of my favorite things about creating things for others is that you can add personal touches that make the item unique to the individual. Whether through color, fabric, or design choice even small gifts become extra special by incorporating aspects that your represent your recipient's personality.
One thing that I really enjoy making for others is storage pouches. Not only are they a useful gift in that they organize everything from cosmetics to writing utensils, but they can be made out of practically any fabric! They are also fairly easy to embellish, so pleats or flowers really add something special.

My friend had a birthday coming up recently and I wanted to make her something that would be functional but would also incorporate aspects of her personality. I know that she is fond of purple and prefers contemporary color combinations. I found a lovely gray linen fabric that I used for the main component of her pouches and found coordinating purple fabrics for the interiors. Beautiful hand-sewn flowers in complimentary shades of purple chiffon created a contemporary and feminine look. I wanted to make her two pouches but didn't want to them to be too matchy-matchy. The pouches differ on the floral embellishments, however, the flowers on both pouches are made of the same colors to identify them as a set without being identical.

I made this same pouch out of different fabric and got an entirely different look! I find that focusing on textures and contrasting colors often achieves a very modern look. The canvas has a fabulous diamond texture and the opposing light blue and bold dark brown colors are perfect!

Finally, for a more traditional look, I found gorgeous feminine fabrics with pink floral and butterflies. A touch of pink ribbon separating the two exterior fabrics tastefully adds another feminine dimension. This pouch is the exact pattern as the previous pouches yet the overall effect is entirely different.

When creating items for specific people you care about, think about what colors and styles they are drawn to. One of the best things about making handmade goods is that it's so wonderful to be able to give someone a gift that is practical and truly resembles their unique personality. Have fun experimenting with colors and fabric styles and incorporate special personal touches to create the perfect gift for your loved ones!

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