Elegant Silk Snap Clutches

I love making things for my friends' and family's special events. Well, someone very special is going to be getting married in a few months and I was so excited to help with the clutches for her and her bridesmaids. There are 8 clutches total; 7 bridesmaids and 1 bridal clutch (only 4 pictured below). The most challenging part was not getting the glue on the fabric!

The bridesmaids clutches are made from a wine colored silk fabric and luxurious duponi silk was used for the bridal clutch. For a cohesive look the interior of the bridal clutch is lined with complimentary fabric to that used for the bridesmaids clutches and all clutches have an elegant hand sewn flower with glass beading on the exterior. The bride's flower has significantly more beading in the center to make it really stand out.
The diamond pattern on the fabric adds a unique texture and elegance to the bridesmaids' clutches. When constructing the clutches I was careful to ensure that the pattern direction was identical for all of the clutches. 

This was my first time making this style of clutch and despite never having worked with the metal snap clutch frames before it was surprisingly fun. I look forward to improving my skills with this style clutch in the future and I hope these clutches add a special touch the big day!