I'm happy to announce that Andrea Lynn Handmade is in its final planning stages! I've loved sewing since my grandmother first taught me and I have refined my skills over the years by mastering a variety of techniques and creating my own designs. I began making my own handbags in high school as a means to minimize my use of animal-based products. I quickly learned this craft provided endless style options as I accumulated yards of gorgeous fabrics and began designing my own patterns.

In addition to loving the creative outlet that sewing provides, I feel that there are valuable reasons to purchase handmade fabric products. Purchasing handmade products connects the producer and consumer making the transaction - and relationship - personal. Even in the planning stages there has been an unmistakeable personal connection to others. I've received helpful feedback from friends and family about the creation of my shop and learned from the experience of others on their previous endeavors. (Special thanks to Lori Unruh of Indigo Silver Studio , Jenny McLean of McLean Mobile Solutions and Deanna Saracki for their insight). Additionally, as environmental resources continue to be exploited, an easy way to minimize our impact is to use ecologically efficient and renewable plant-based resources. Purchasing handmade products also speaks against mass production and its associated pollution.

I have been extremely involved in graduate school and my career over the past few years so, unfortunately, devoting time regularly to one of my favorite hobbies was not an option. However, my schedule currently affords me time to create my own personal designs and accept custom orders!

My shop is set up on Etsy which is a fabulous site for all handmade products! Please support handmade vendors as often as possible.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about my products or would like to request a custom order.

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