Vintage Bridal Clutches

My friend asked me to help her with some vintage bridal clutches for the bridesmaids in her best friend's wedding and I am soooo excited!
The most important aspect of creating custom orders is determining exactly what the customer is looking for. This step is imperative because the finished product should not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. Also, it's important to remember that people inquire about custom items because they're wanting something specific. It's amazing how the word "purple" can mean 10000 different things! So, communication is key during this process and often times pictures can be the best way to convey style and color options.
My current mission is to create a vintage style clutch in spicy orange, chocolate brown and turquoise.
First, let's start with the clutch style options.
My friend found this fabulous photo of different vintage purse styles that she likes.
This was incredibly helpful because just looking at the photos I can tell that she is wanting a clutch that has a clean and classic shape. I found the following for clutches with similar styles:

Vintage 1

Vintage 2

Vintage 3

Vintage 4

Vintage 5

Vintage 6

Vintage 7
Now on to color!
Spicy Orange, Chocolate Brown, Turquoise.... How FUN!!!! As with every color, there's various undertones that dictate the actual shade it will be. Here's some swatches I found when googling these colors
"Spicy Orange"

Spicy Orange 1 - definitely yellow with a slight orange undertone

Spicy Orange 2: True bold orange with slight red undertone

Spicy Orange 3: Matte orange with rust undertone

"Chocolate Brown"

True brown

Milk chocolate brown

Brown with red undertone

Matte brown

Espresso brown

Light turquoise
Turquoise with blue undertone

Turquoise with green undertone

Dark turquoise

I thought doing a two-tone clutch with orange and brown on the exterior and turquoise on the interior would be a bold and sassy twist on these elegant styles! The great thing about any of these clutches is there's so much variety in how to implicate the two-tone look and still keep the classic style of the clutch itself.
For example, any of the envelope clutches could have an all orange fabric exterior with chocolate brown adornments such as buttons or ribbon strip. Or, the clutches could have an exterior with brown fabric on the lower portion and a spicy orange flap (or vice versa).

One example of an envelope clutch with button
Envelope clutch with ribbon strip. The flower can easily be omitted for a more classic look
It also gives an interesting look when dividing the upper and lower portions of the clutch with a middle contrast strip. This type of clutch could easily be done with orange and brown fabrics... oh! and maybe even a turquoise key fob! This is a more "modern" look, however, and might not fit the clean, classic style that my friend is going for. But, sometimes showing options of what one does not want is a good way to identify what they do want :)

Contrast envelope clutch
I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project develops! I know that the finished product will be this amazing marriage of classic elegance and bold colors for some outstanding and FUN clutches :)

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