Effective Use of Social Media

I've been thinking a lot about how to best use my time via social media lately. In this relatively new world of online selling and production I am trying to break through and engage people in my world... virtually. Essentially, I'm attempting to connect my life to others via online avenues of my Etsy shop, email, facebook, twitter, and this very blog. However, EVERYONE is trying to do the same thing. It's easy to be bombarded by tweets, facebook posts, blog entries, etc., often several times throughout the day by the same person. How can I compete with that!?!
Since so much of my success is dependent upon what I do online (the photos in my Etsy shop, offering promotions on Facebook, letting others know via Twitter that their item has been featured in my treasury) I need to use social media as effectively as possible. In fact, so much of what I do off the computer is reliant on what I do ON the computer.

It seems that there's so much out "there" online that it can be challenging to break through and get noticed. There also seems to be limitless opinions, strategies and recipes for success with using online social media. However, instead of crafting strategies for getting more followers I choose to just be myself. Online, I connect with people who care about the real me: what I have to offer and what my interests are - and that is reciprocated with those I connect with. We share ideas, thoughts, opinions and find ways to support one another. Our interactions are fueled by the passion we have for our products and ideas.
Being genuine in life - online and offline - is the key to my success.

These are my goals to keep connecting with people:
  • Join in and start a conversation: Everyone loves talking about who they are and what they know. Answer questions and respond to ideas.
  • Ask questions. Just as important as providing answers is asking real questions and expecting real answers. Try to find others with similar obstacles or experts who seem to be successful in certain areas that I find I am struggling with.
  • Share my mission. Conversation is great, but in order to attract real people I need to communicate my message and let people know what I'm about.

The least "real" part of social media is just how easy it is to connect with real people. Outside the online world it can be more difficult to connect with others and find people we share interests with. I know that I can't rely on tips, tricks and strategy to grow my online network. My business won't prevail if I don't convey my genuine interest and talents. It's about getting real and forgetting the false barriers we put up between our real lives and our online lives. I need forget the false barriers that are put up between my online and offline life. I need to incorporate ways to make sure it's ridiculously easy to connect with me and learn what I'm about.

So, find me! Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, email. Feel free to give me your info so I can find you as well :)

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  1. So true, Andrea! Good points, and this also brought to mind how easy it can be to hide online and not connect with 'Real' people in the 'Real' world (something I seriously have a problem with)!

    Great post!