Quilt Style Options

I am so in love with this project! Thank you for asking me to help with this incredibly special task. 

It can be hard for me to imagine how a quilt design will end up looking when the examples don't include the same color fabrics that the finished piece will have but please remember to try and focus on the design of the quilt :) Also, some of the quilts are shown in "baby" size but I would alter them so they are large enough to curl up in.
Traditional T Shirt Quilt
Charm Pack Cherry
Boho Chick
Fat Quarter Fizz
Flowers in the Sun
Going My Way 
Little Lady Jane
Simple Block
Tatami Mat
Heart Strips

The pattern below is my own so I have several that I can show you in different fabrics. 

Or, I can do a simpler quilt with a solid color as the background and create appliqués from the clothing. For example, the quilt below has a white background with 3 rows of sewn fabric and an appliqué elephant (don't mind Lexi, she likes to keep me company while I sew!). I could do a neutral fabric background with appliqué hearts, circles, etc. 

All the options can be embroidered as well and I'm happy to add a personalized touch to it. 

Definitely let me know if you have something specific in mind. I know how special this project is and I want you to absolutely love it!! :) 

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