Dress Up Your Drinks!

Personal touches really make your particular event unique and they don't have to be expensive! Since signature cocktails have been all the rage at weddings the past couple of years, I wanted to add some pizazz to the concept. I saw striped paper straws with darling little paper flags on them at a friend's baby shower and knew I had to do this project for the wedding. I think they turned out really cute and ended up being a fun addition to the cocktail hour!

This project requires the following items:
*Paper Straws
*Glue dots or double-stick tape
*Computer paper
*Paper cutter or cutting mat and ruler

I purchased paper straws off Etsy ($14 for 100 and oh so many colors and styles to choose from!) and edited an address label MS Word template to fit 1 inch x 4 inch labels. You can also find a free template here

I typed in various relevant words or our wedding date onto the labels so that both sides of the label would have text on them (Ex] our first names and the wedding date, our first names and "celebrate", etc.)

Next, I printed the labels onto regular computer paper and cut them into individual labels. You could easily vary the ink or paper colors to completely customize your look. I choose several combinations of green and charcoal gray ink on plain white paper.

Using a glue dot roller I adhered the sticky dots to half of the label. I wrapped the label around the straw and lined up the edges before pressing firmly along the length of the label back to the straw. 

These were definitely a hit at the cocktail hour! The straws were displayed at each of the bars next to a sign I made for our signature drinks.

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