Elegant Bridal Clutch

One of my favorite handmade items from my wedding was my bridal clutch. I knew I wanted an elegant style that complimented the details of my dress. My dress was rather simple save for the ruffle cascade in the back and the beaded sash so I used those attributes for the overall look of the clutch.
Copyright Resolusean Photography
I opted for a white dupioni silk for both the interior and exterior. Using strips of the silk fabric, I created a ruffle detailing along the right side of the handbag that incorporated the ruffles along the back of my dress.

Fortunately I had a beautiful brooch that I pinned along the ruffles. The brooch complimented the white gold and diamonds of my bridal jewelry but also brought in the gold tones from our wedding theme. 

I love the way the clutch turned out and feel that it truly was the perfect accessory for my wedding gown.

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