Personalized Goodie Bags - Candy Bar

Who doesn't love candy?!? I love the idea of candy bars at wedding and thought it would be a great way to display a wide selection of yummy treats for our guests - especially since open bars often lend a need for late night snacks :)

I found the glass containers at Save on Crafts. They had so many beautiful glass containers it was hard to choose at first! Once I decided on the candy it was easier to figure out which containers would work best. Michael's had scalloped labels from Gartner Studios. I downloaded the corresponding template from their website to create the labels for each candy jar.

Paper Mart had the best selection of goodie bags (I also bought the boxes for our Welcome Boxes here). These bags are supposed to be great for printing directly on, which is fantastic! Our colors were green and gold and since the candy was primarily green I thought gold ink would be a nice touch. Unfortunately, gold ink from a regular house printer turns out more "brown" than gold. Thankfully Love to Create Stamps has the nicest owner, Todd, who designs the most gorgeous custom stamps. I have to give a shout out to Todd. He was really responsive and very helpful :)

Once I received the stamp, which was in about 5 days - again, Todd was amazing! - I bought a couple gold ink pads and started stamping away. It took a few tries to figure out exactly how to press on the stamp so everything was even. All in all, it was a fun project and nice personal touch that I was really excited to have for the wedding.

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